Such a Slug

I'm really starting to feel like a slug this week.  I'm back at work today and tomorrow as I didn't have enough days left this year to avoid working at least two days.  This is the first time in roughly 15 years that I've not taken off the entire week between Christmas and New Years.  Oh, and I'm not happy about it.

So I did enjoy my time off for Christmas even if it was a bit hectic with lots of running around.  The down side would be the massive overeating —including the huge portion of leftover shrimp scampi I just inhaled for lunch.  I've been off the bike for a week now and although I've been working out less, I need to get my growing mass of chub back on a routine…hopefully starting tomorrow.  And this weekend I need to recap 2007 and start looking ahead to the 2008 season and actually set some goals.  This was a good year for me even without any goals (not written down anyway), but I'd like to build on that to have an even better one next year.

Maybe tomorrow I'll recap Christmas.  I've been trying to blog about something besides just photos and beer pics.  Thus far I believe I've been reasonably successful at that.  So that's all for now.
December 27, 2007 @ 12:59 pm | Category:
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