Ron Paul 2008

If you've not already decided to support my Papendick 2008 candidacy, them maybe you should consider the alternatives and know who and what you're voting for…

A few weeks back I read lib•er•tar•ian, a very interesting article from The  It talks about Ron Paul, his views and the recent success his message has gotten from many —myself included.  And although he switched to the Republican party, he's a former Libertarian and it shows in those views.  So if you're considering an alternative to the status quo the media and the two-party system's current/latest/next "front runner", you might want to read this and think about supporting Ron.

And it that doesn't work for you?  Well, yesterday a coworker mentioned the Glassbooth quiz to help you choose the best 2008 presidential candidate.  You don't have to share my views, but the least you can do is find those who shares yours.  Beats the alternative of just pulling the lever for someone who doesn't share your views or worse, someone whose views you don't know!  Oh, and for me it did come up as Ron Paul who shares 68% of my views on the issues.  Runners up were Democrats Christopher Dodd and Bill Richardson, both at 66%.
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