Evel Knievel :: October 17, 1938 – November 30, 2007

I was greatly saddened yesterday to hear that Evel Knievel had died.  Like millions of others kids tha grew up in the 70's, Evel was an idol.  One couldn't wait to find out what he was going to attempt to jump next.  And then, would he make it?  If not, how bad would he get busted up this time?  I recall Evel being a human rag doll in many of those crashes, most notably when he failed badly attempting jump the fountains at Caesars Palace.  But no matter how many times he crashed, and no matter badly he got busted up, he always came back for more.

I'll alway remember playing with my Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle.  I need go dig around in the basement, because I'm pretty sure I still have at least the cycle from that.  Hopefully I can find the Evel doll, but I'm not sure I have that.  I actually had two of them; the white outfitted one that came with this set and later one dressed in red.  I trashed this toy endlessly.  Because after all, Evel could always jump everything!

Ride on my friend, you'll be missed but fondly remembered by many.
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