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So as some of you may recall, we had an early surprise October Snowstorm last year.  The biggest lasting effect from this freak storm was the massive damage to thousands of trees around the area.  Unfortunately many of these trees —some of the oldest in the area, have had to be cut down because the damage is so extensive that they cannot be saved.  Many areas that were very heavily treed are new virtually treeless.  So besides generating a lot of mulch from ground up limbs and branches, there were also a lot of very large tree trunks.  Fortunately some of them have found a new life thanks to Carvings For A Cause, an effort to help support Re-TreeWNY.  The basic idea is to raise money to plant some new trees to replace the old ones.  So from the sad ruins of thousands of destroyed trees comes something wonderful.  Currently a few of these are located at the Erie Basin Marina just outside my office.  Thus here is, what these start out as…

Starter Bare Tree Trunk

And then become Ben Franklin… Ben Franklin Ben Franklin Info

Or Teresa Bellissimo… Teresa Bellissimo Teresa Bellissimo Info

Or a Black Bear… Black Bear Black Bear Info

Or Frederick Law Olmsted… Frederick Law Olmsted Frederick Law Olmsted Info

Or a Bass Fish… Bass Fish Bass Fish Info

Or a Mystery Carving (My guess is Ralph C. Wilson Jr.)… Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Info

Or Ernestine Nardin… Ernestine Nardin ”Ernestine

You can view these and more of this growing collection of carvings by visiting Carvings For A Cause and their gallery.
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