So late yesterday I came across Twitteresce, a Java app for your phone that allows you to access Twitter.  It's simple, it's easy and it seems to work.  In a quick test yesterday I was able to access the Twitter Public Timeline, my feed as well as post a quick message.  All of this is via HTTP and not SMS so there are no messaging charges…which works for me as I have a data package on my phone, but it doesn't include SMS message.  Not sure how SMS is not "data" other than it's just a way for them to charge you $0.15 per message.  Scam anyone?  But that's an entirely different story and not the point of this post…

Anyhow, this now gives me a viable option to use Twitter via my phone that previously I didn't have.  Will I use it?  Time will tell.  I've continued to us it from my PC, but in the past week my posts have declined in frequency although there are other factor involved also.  One other thing that I have done though is to modify my CycleLog so that it posts ride synapses to Twitter when I add a new ride. Yeah, rah!  ;)

So are you Twittering?  And if so, why haven't you friended me yet?
May 1, 2007 @ 12:59 pm | Category:
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