For some unknown reason I was looking up random domain names when I came across something interesting.  The domain was still available.  I guess I knew this as I've looked up numerous Papendick domains in the past.  Apparently today was the day that it became important for me as I now own it!  Nothing too exciting at this point as it's currently parked to the PolarLava site.  Maybe at some point I'll do something useful with it.

OK, it's no longer parked here.  But then again, it's still nothing special.  Over the weekend I built it into its own site, that is basically a clone of my wife's site.  I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it, although I have considered splitting off the personal aspects of this site and putting them there.

Part of me still wants to split my site, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to it as I have a lot of other things I'd also like to do.  So it's either going to expire and get gobbled up by a squatter, wallow in it's current sad state, or I may keep it and point it to PolarLava.  I guess I'm leaning toward the first or possibly the third option if I feel like paying for it again.

— 2/2/2008—
Alright, I couldn't let it go.  I've opted to switch registrars which allowed me to get 2 years for what it would have cost me for one at the previous one.  And being I don't see doing much with this for the foreseeable future I've now parked it to point to PolarLava.
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