PolarLava CycleLog V2.4.0

A couple of slick changes —well at least I think they are slick, to the CycleLog.  I've now added "Previous" and "Next" to the Latest Ride, Random Ride and Search when individual rides are displayed.

Additionally these same pages now also include a "Other rides on this date…" section if other rides are found on the same (month and) day.  This is a handy way —again, for me anyway, to quickly find and compare rides at the same point in the season in previous years.

Additional changes are also planned and this entry will be updated as appropriate when necessary.



Some dummy had this under the "Beer!" topic.  ;)

I've now changed the data display font to a fixed width font and data is now colorized.  Blue=indoors, green=outdoors and red=total in most summary displays.  On individual rides I've opted to use red.  Probably not completely done playing with the layout/color/font thing, but it's pretty close I think.



I've finally added a Bikes page to the CycleLog.  This is something I started working on several months back, but it was shelved while I attended to a number of other matters.  I'm happy with it as it is, but at some point in the future I would like to expand it to include a photo of each of the bikes.  But that will have to wait until I actually have some photos of them!
January 12, 2007 @ 01:05 pm | Category:
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