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In my continuing effort to battle (mostly trackback) spam, I've implemented Akismet spam blocking using PHP5Akismet.  This is now running on this blog and will be in the next PolarBlog release as a configurable option.

OK, Apparently I lied.  PolarBlog hasn't really been on a serious hiatus as I've managed to do a few things in tandem the past few weeks.  As such, I will be releasing PolarBlog V1.10.0 in the coming weeks.  One of the key features is the additional spam blocking of Akismet in addition to the recently added RBL system.  Since this addition and building up a reasonable RBL keyword block list, I get virtually no spam posted to the blog.  There are two caveats to this new feature; 1) You must be running PHP5 and 2) You must sign-up with WordPress.com to get an API key.  So if you meet the PHP5 qualification, want to get a head start and only intend to use it with PolarBlog, select the "Just a username, please." option.

Additionally I've added another email notification option that only sends notification on comments and trackbacks that have not been flagged as spam.  Although I've been getting flooded with spam on this blog and it's not being displayed, I was still getting a ton of pointless email.  Problem solved.  There are also a handful of bug fixes too!

After this release I likely will be spending less time on PolarBlog.  But note, moving forward things will probably become more PHP5 centric.  I've maintained PHP4 compatibility for over a year now even though I made the switch to PHP5 back then.  The time has come for you to do the same.  If your current hosting provider doesn't offer PHP5 or is reluctant to do so, might I suggest A2 Web Hosting.  This is where I'm hosted and they have been very reliable and more importantly (to me anyway) very responsive to support requests.
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