PolarLava 2007

Being there is only a couple of weeks left in the year, I don't see any further major progress being made on any of these.  Therefore, let's review how we did.

The following are some of the things (generally not in any particular order) I'd like to do and/or complete here at PolarLava in 2007…
  • Upgrade my photo gallery to Gallery2.  Done.  I'm very happy with how well it went and the features of this new version.
  • Get the backlog of all my writing online.  Partially Done.  I got a lot of these online in the first half of the year, but I've got a long way to go.
  • Post even more photos to my PhotoBlog.  Done.  This is probably one of the things that you can count on continuing around here.
  • Add photo EXIF data to the "Read more" section on postings to my PhotoBlog.  Not Done.  Never even looked into this.  Maybe I really don't want or need it.
  • Add a "Bikes" page to my Cycling Log.  Done.  Now if I could just add a new bike to it!
  • Add "Previous" and "Next" navigation to individual entries on my Cycling Log.  Done.  And I do use it often.
  • Add a route mapping feature to my Cycling Log.  Not Done.  I played around with some things, but I still don't have a solution I'm happy with.  I'm likely going to integrate with some third-party mapping because I just don't see having the time to do anything else.
  • Start playing around with using PostgreSQL now that I've learned a bit about it.  Not Done.  Still have yet to even create a database to play with.
  • Start learning a little Ruby.  Not Done.  Largely a time issue.  I've just got way too many PHP projects already to really spend any time doing something new even though I know I should.
  • Setup a Subversion code repository for my projects.  Done.  And now I'm left wondering why I didn't do this way sooner!
  • Try out PHPUserTrack.  Not Done.  Another case of "I guess I don't really need it".  Maybe some day as I'm still interested in it.
  • Implement a PHP Session database.  Partially Done.  I've got the bulk of this done, but just haven't completed it.  Done.  A couple hours work, and now it's done and working.  :)  12/22/2007
  • Create project pages for my current or future Weather, NetVibes weather module and PolarLink projects.  Partially Done.  I actually made good progress with this although some of my projects have changed and this is very much in a state of flux.  Projects that are well established are there, but as you move down the size scale the completeness drops.
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