PolarBlog: Bloodhound Beta

Some of you might be wondering why you haven't seen may new entries on my blog in the past month or so.  Well, here's why…I've been plugging away in what little free time I have working on a new version of PolarBlog.  And now I believe it's at a point where I can start running it on my site to work out any issues while I work on the documentation and such before releasing it.  The goal is to release this before the end of the year if possible.

The first major change in this release that you can see is the addition of sending and receiving Trackbacks on entries!  As anyone who has been following PolarBlog's development knows, this is a feature that I've wanted to implement for quite some time.  Well, it's finally here.  And now that I've done so I wonder how much I will really use it. (!)  Time will tell, hopefully others will find it useful as well.  Also in the release you will now notice the (optional) RSS feed icon next to each topic.  That's right, you can now get a feed of just my software development, beer or whatever topic and not be bothered with updates to things you don't care about.

Other things you can't see but are in here, include RBL comment text checking (not sure how I missed doing that before!), basic user self-management (a requested feature), disabled comment management within the RBL management (to deal with the stupid spammers who just won't quit), a number of smaller additions to make like easier for admins as well as a number of other annoying bug have been fixed.

You can see a more complete list —albeit raw, by viewing the PolarBlog Changes file.
December 2, 2006 @ 08:51 am | Category:
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