Stocks Page & Validation Block

I've removed the Stocks page from the site.  It served a purpose at one time, but I haven't been using it and don't think anyone else was either.  If you were, sorry.  Anybody that wants the code the drives it is more than welcome to it, just contact me.

And you also likely notice that back in September I added the small validation block just below the navigation menu.  I'm big on standards —after all, it's my job!  Thus I've long wanted to include these, but was having problems with deciding how I wanted to include them.  For me the small buttons are ideal and the color scheme fits well.  You'll find that nearly all of the pages are XHTML1.1 Strict compliant.  Those that aren't are either older pages or 3rd-party software written by others.  Yeah, I know…who cares?  :)
October 28, 2006 @ 08:50 am | Category:
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