Lies & Rhymes & Dirty Needs

Lies & Rhymes & Dirty Needs

Life drags from day to day
Taking in pains along the way
The things put up with are beyond belief
Just tryin' to survive out in the streets

The women you meet
Just playin' games
You lose on the street
'Cause they're gonna trample your face
'Cause they gotta defeat ya and get on with their game
Their nothin' but trouble
Out to get ya tonight
It's just lies and rhymes and dirty needs
Still surviving that dark street scene.
They'll bury you in an ocean of rocks and steal your dreams

But they still don't know the inner scene
Roam the streets for blood and fun
Try to join the team
You're wearing black
They're into white —you get attacked!

Face it
You're living a dream that's in-between
Not too dark, but not in light
'Cause out on the streets
It's just lies and rhymes and dirty needs

Fall 1982
October 24, 2006 @ 12:43 pm | Category:
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