The Joke Known as Airport Security

It really struck a chord with me while reading Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback yesterday.  Being someone who travels a lot, he has an "Enjoyable/Aggravating Travel Note of the Week" in every MMQB article.  And this week's comment really shows that the TSA's silly security rules are nothing more than a feel good moment when you travel:
I am all for rules, airline and otherwise, that protect our safety.  But last Wednesday, after walking through a security line at LaGuardia, I saw the total fruitlessness of this you-can't-take-gels-or-liquids-on-airplanes rule, designed to protect us from those who would take explosive liquids or gels on planes.  A fortyish man, traveling in business togs, put his briefcase, laptop and shoes on the security belt and walked through the X-ray machine.  No beep.  He collected his stuff, walked a few steps down the line, put his laptop back in his case, and then took a tube of toothpaste out of one pocket and a bottle of contact-lens solution out of another, then put both in his briefcase.  That sort of defeats the purpose of the anti-liquid rule and pretty much makes a mockery of it all.
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