Down for the Count

And this little adventure continues…

As the week has progressed my runny nose and coughing continued to increase instead of subsiding.  With my wife proding me, I finally called the doctor today who has now put me on a course of a different antibiotic and back on the cough syrup.  *sigh*  I'm so tired of being sick and tired.  And pulling an all nighter at work last night and again (at least from home) tonight certainly doesn't help me rest up at all.  From the looks of it though, tonight might be shorter than last night.  Such drama.  ;)


About a month ago I caught a cold.  Not terribly suprising because I seem to get sick at least once or twice a winter.  And when it lingered around for more than a week I didn't think much of that either as I often have a hard time shaking a cold.  So after two weeks the runny nose and coughing subsided…for about two days.  *sigh*

So another round began.  This mostly just pissed me off because it was preventing me from working out as I would like.  It started to become apparent that I might have to breakdown and go to the doctor.  Last week I was busy and had plans to go ice fishing in Michigan with my son, brother, father and other family.  I wasn't going to skip that so I figured I could just go to the doctor when I got back.  After the first day out on the ice I was exhausted and knew I needed to go to the doctor when I got home.  The second evening I was pretty well wiped out and the coughing was getting worse.  The drive home on Sunday was mostly an attempt to keep a lung from coming up.  By the end of the day whenever I coughed, sneezed or breathed it felt like my left lung was attempting to expel itself from my body.

Thus this past Monday, I opted to work from home and go see the doctor…at the end of the day of course.  So after (willingly at this point) waiting over an hour to see him, the verdict was in.  I was indeed sick to a point that it was time for some serious drugs (antibiotics and a codeine laden cough suppressant) and a chest x-ray.  The verdict was "walking pneumonia".  I'd like to say this was something new and unfamiliar, but I've had it before many years ago.  :(

The remainder of my week was spent working from home and resting as much as possible as I was feeling pretty miserable.  The drugs seems to have the situation under control and things are getting better, although I'm still pretty tired.  As such it appears that I won't be riding for while yet.  And I've also not done any work on any of my projects for about two weeks now and that just annoys me.  It's been a pretty long miserable week and it appears that it's not entirely over yet.  Hopefully things will continue to progress and life can get back to normal.

So if you've been wondering why you haven't seen much going on around here, now you know why.
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