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This is my first post via the new PolarBlog POP3 email interface.  If this is working as it should, this is the body portion of the post.  This is largely just a test message, but also represents a significant achievement on the progress of the Homing Pigeon release.  This posting should posted by "Kevin", be titled "Posting via Email" and be located under the "Software Development" topic.  There should now be a read more link.   

This is a continuation of this test posting.  This portion of the message should be in the "Read more" section and not displayed on the front page.  It should only appear when you click the permalink to view the complete entry.  This is the end of the test.  You may not go back to whatever you were doing previously.  The exception would be Alan who should again be practicing his happy dance!  ;)  
November 5, 2005 @ 08:50 am | Category:
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