ig: The Google Drug

Several weeks back I was led to Google's new "Individualized Google".  Actually I don't even know if that's what it's called, but that's the best I can come up with from the "ig".  (Feel free to correct me if you know otherwise.)  Anyhow, I played with it a bit and found the drag and drop aspect of it to be really cool, but beyond that I didn't really have a need.

Then a couple weeks after that I had some more time to revisit it and play with it some more.  And the verdict?  After about a month of use, I'm addicted to the new Google drug!  I haven't yet made the switch there as my homepage, but I'd say it's not that far off.  Currently I use my Links page and also used to use my RSS Feeds page often.  But I've created a lot of FireFox bookmarks that let me quickly navigate/search for things on the sites I visit the most, type addresses in directly or simply Google my way through life.  This has made a portion of my Links page obsolete.  And the contents of my RSS Feeds has largely been integrated into the new "ig" page as you can specify RSS feeds as part of the customization.  This works well, but I have had some problems with RDF feeds not working.  But most of the things I follow regularly do work.  Goodbye RSS Feeds page?  It also has a very nice weather widget and that has largely obsoleted my Weather page also!  But as winter approaches, that will likely get used again because my default zip also pulls in the current radar image for me.

And to further pound another nail into my personal website, yesterday I learned about Google Reader!  I only played with this for a few minutes, but it quite possibly will become my news reader of choice in the future…particularly if they give me a widget on my new homepage.

Hit me again Google, I need another fix!  ;)
October 8, 2005 @ 07:59 am | Category:
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