Iraq: The Civil War

Can anyone tell me they still think invading Iraq was a good idea?  Come on, we went there with a weak case against WMD's that proved to be false.  Then the administration started to spin it as part of the "War on Terror"  —which it is…now.  But originally it was about WMD's and Saddam.  The real War on Terror was being fought —and won, in Afghanistan.  We then ruled that a "check" when we should have made sure it was a "checkmate" before even considering turning our attention to Iraq.  So we went ahead and started a war that nobody needed and those of us with half a brain wanted.  We forged ahead and when we found no WMD's we rolled it into the War on Terror —which it wasn't…up to that point.  I say "wasn't" because when we invaded there were not foreign fighter in the country.  It wasn't until we rolled into town that we became the shit for the flies.  The situation there is certainly far from stable and the future is even further from certain.  And now I've finally seen some beginning to call it for what it appears to be coming; a civil war.

Don't get me wrong, Saddam was a brutal dictator and he needed to go.  But do you really believe he was such an urgent threat to the United States that we really needed to start a war that some of our greatest allies advised against?  Yeah, what do they know.  Saddam was under our collective thumb and was going nowhere.  He was contained and wasn't a serious threat to anyone since the end of the Gulf War.  Which is when we probably should have taken him out of power.  So now what?  We've grown these incredibly huge balls to compensate for the ones we didn't have back in 1991 when we should have!

And before you start blasting me about my "liberal views", I'm a registered Republican.  But unfortunately my party has been hijacked by the far right and likely isn't every coming back.  And no, I don't support the far left "lets bring our boys home" mantra either.  That's not realistic.  I'm not sure how we can ever fix the situation and bring them home —God knows they didn't deserve this one.  But we can't just cut and run.  When your let your dog out of the yard and he shits on the neighbors lawn, you're still responsible for cleaning it up.

The best thing that is likely to come out of this —beyond Saddam being removed from power, is that George W. Bush will go down in history as one of our worst presidents ever.
September 26, 2005 @ 01:43 pm | Category:
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