Smokers Trash

I try to get out and go for a brisk 20 minute walk at lunchtime most days if it's not raining and my workload allows it.  So one day last week I'm walking down Main Street here in Buffalo and started thinking about all of the cigarette butts that I seen in the sidewalk cracks.  Just the week before I heard a report about how Buffalo is one of the cleanest cities in the country, which I have to agree it is.  But then I'm looking at the literally hundreds (thousands?) of cigarette butts stuck in those cracks.  What the hell is it with smokers that they can't seem to act responsibly and not just chuck their butts on the ground anywhere they please?  Yeah, I know…you smoke and you don't do that.  I know it's not all of you, but it's clearly a good number of your breathren.

And it's not just the sidewalks.  I've seen many a smoke go flying out a car window, sometimes bouncing off my car.  Gee, thanks for the consideration asshole.  My favorite are those who drop them out the window while sitting at a stop light.  I've often been very tempted  to get out of my car and go over, pick it up, drop it back into their car and let them know that "Excuse me, you seemed to have dropped this."  But alas, I've never followed through.  Chicken after all I guess.

So if you're a smoker and participate in this behavior, please leave me a comment below.  What gives you the right to just drop your trash wherever you please?
August 10, 2005 @ 12:24 pm | Category:
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