LIVE 8 Irony

Yesterday was spent trekking off to one of Colin's concerts and attending a picnic at one of my wive's relatives.  So after a long day we got home last night and plunked down on the couch and started channel surfing.  As is typical on a Saturday night without cable TV, there was little too choose from.  Thus we stopped to watch some of the LIVE 8 concert.  After a couple of acts there was a musical montage of photos featuring malnourished children in Africa (obviously).  After this was a commercial break…for TRIMSPA.  So as I was watching this I'm thinking it's kind of strange that here I am watching something about the plight of poor starving people in Africa and it's sponsered by this?  A company that exists and thrives off selling pills to overfed, fat, lazy Americans to help them lose their world leading excess pounds!  It was at this point that my wife turned to me and asked, "Does anybody else see the irony in this?".  I doubt most people did, but I certainly did honey!
July 3, 2005 @ 07:35 am | Category:
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