Young, Foolish & Drunk

So I'm about a quarter of my way into my ride this morning when I turned onto Bear Ridge Road and began a small climb.  As I sat down and looked up, there he was…somebody on a mountain bike swinging off my side of the road to get out of my way.  As I've mentioned previously I often see a variety of fauna in the morning, including the occasional humanoid.  But today was the first time I've been flagged down for help.

As I passed this guy, he yells something at me.  I looked back and asked "What?".  His reply was "I need help".  Alright, so it's about 5am, still fairly dark and somebody weaving down the road towards you is asking for help…hmmm.  Initial thought: "I hope he's not covered in blood from killing somebody!".  So I pull over, stop and wait for him to get closer.  As he's coming towards me he tells me he's lost and is trying to get to North Tonawanda.  At this point I can see he's an obviously drunk young man who was a bit panicked.  So now I'm a bit amused at his predicament and give him the directions he need…several times being his comprehension was not real good after an obviously long night. I'm assuming he's alright as I sent him down to my return route and I didn't run into him again.  Ah, to be young and foolish again!
June 1, 2005 @ 12:26 pm | Category:
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