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Someone at work today was trying to give away a couple of cats on our IRC channel and remarked that if they couldn't give them away, they might have to eat them.  My response was to post a link to Cats - Friend or Food?.  I found this article rather interesting because it point out a couple of things that are very true.  The first being the stereotype of "all Asians eat cats (and dogs)" which certainly couldn't be further from the truth.  And secondly that western bias is definately at play here.  As the article points out, how would the average American feel if Indian Hindu's started ranting and raving at Americans for eating cows?  Do you thing this country is about to abandon the burger joint because it offends another culture?  Hell no.  A sad, but more likely response would be  "Fuck those [enter derogatory term of your choice]".  It's okay for us to tell others what they should do, but how dare they be offended by what we do?  GASP!  The typical American is so simpleminded.

Although I'm not a meat eater, be it cows or cats, I do have to agree that if you are going kill an animal for food it should be done as humanely as possible.
May 20, 2005 @ 12:55 pm | Category:
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