Well today marks a milestone in my life…when I leave work and drive home today, my car —a bright red 1998 Honda Civic EX coupe, will roll over 100,000 miles.  So what you say?  Well, it's significant for me because this is the first time I've ever had a car long enough to actually get to this point.  The closest I've previously been was Nissan Pulsar EX (1986/87?) that I kept to I believe 77k.  Other than that I did have a purple 1993 Honda Civic EX that was in my possession until about 68k.  At that point it became my ex-wife's property.  The last I knew my former in-laws were still driving it and it had 130k on it.  I loved that car and was sad to see it go.  I've always been very please with Honda product, thus why I bought another one this time around.  I've also had a couple of Acura Integra's on lease a decade ago that were absolutely wonderful.

Anyhow, this trivial event is someting new for me. Whoop-T-Do!  Even being a 100k this car is still very solid and reliable.  It's got to go at least another 50k which shouldn't be an issue as I've very good about maintaining my cars.  Ideally it would be kind of cool to see if I can get to 200k with it, but time will tell.  At the rate it would mean driving it until 2012.  We shall see.
May 4, 2005 @ 12:51 pm | Category:
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