Lost Time

I don't rent a lot of movies —maybe 1-2 a month, but it's pretty much become a must on Saturday nights lately as there is absolutely nothing on to watch.  (Bear in mind that I only have basic-basic local channel cable.)  The past three weeks have been a brutal marathon of running around for my wife and I because her mother has been in and out of the hospital…another story unto itself.  So in an effort to spend some time together and decompress I figured I'd stop and get a movie on my way home from the hospital Saturday evening.  I figured I'd find a comedy as we could certainly use a laugh right now.  With the weather being as shitty as it was this weekend, the video store was pretty well tapped out of all of the new releases.  It was somewhat comical to listen to people groan about there being nothing to rent.  No, there's plenty to rent it's just that you've been renting to often!  So for me it was just a matter of cruising around and picking something because there's lots that we haven't seen.  So I'm looking around for something "just right" and heard a couple of people commenting on how funny Napoleon Dynamite was.  I kept looking and finally found something…which must have been a good choice because I don't recall what it was that this point.  So as I was making my way to the counter when I heard another guy who appeared to be a few years old than me raving to an employee and another customer how hysterical this movie is.  So instead of staying the course, I returned the movie I had an went and grabbed a copy of Napoleon Dynamite.  Yeah, a relaxing evening of movie fun!

Once the kiddies were all settled in for the evening it was on with the movie.  I told my wife basically what you just read, but that I was still concerned that I was going to regret my choice.  And the verdict?  Well, it had a few pretty funny moments, but all in all I'd just assume have that 90 minutes of my life back!  ARGH!
April 4, 2005 @ 12:50 pm | Category:
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