Yesterday I unlinked ruscam - Russ Cambell's PhotoBlog from my blogroll.  I don't know Russ but did enjoy his photography.  Unfortunately Russ has had to cut way back/quit photoblogging.  So I've now replaced Russ with chromasia - David J. Nightingale's PhotoBlog.  We'll see how that works out while I hunt for more photoblogs to add.  When I find the time I want to rework PolarBlog's blogroll to make it so I can break it into topical sections.  This will allow me to categorize my blogroll into nice little compartments.  But with that project on hiatus while I slowly work on MyClient (Hydra), that change is likely a ways off.

My real purpose here was to direct you to Kleptography, an absolutely amazing collection of professional photographs by Don Ellis.  Please go enjoy them but before you do, I suggest you read his introduction first.  There's some really beautiful pictures there.  I only wish he had a photoblog…
March 17, 2005 @ 12:46 pm | Category:
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