Bon Scott

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of AC/DC's Bon Scott's death.  Although I don't follow AC/DC as much now as I once did, I still enjoy their music.  I remember very well the day that Bon died.  I was riding up I-94 North with my middle sister, Melanie driving when I heard the report on the radio.  I was very sad to hear this news because they had just started to break into the big time with "Highway to Hell".  I pretty much figured the band was done for because after all, how many bands survive losing their lead singer?  I'd say they survived very well indeed as the follow up release, "Back In Black" with Brian Johnson replacing Bon selling millions of copies.

Anyhow, Melanie just didn't understand the magnitude of Bon's death.  She wasn't into heavy metal at all and didn't even know who he was.  Sad.  Just sad.  This was major news in the rock world, and it completely escaped her.  For me this was huge because I lived for rock and roll then…and still do now.  R.I.P. Bon.

A tribute get together will be held in Cherry, AU tomorrow.
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