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What the hell is wrong with this country?  I generally try to catchup on some news headlines while eating my lunch.  Thus my being dumbfounded when I saw today's CNN "QuickVote" question: "Should there be mandatory security checks for everyone entering shopping malls?"  So I immediately weighed in my "For God's sake NO!" vote on this lofty matter and then quickly came here to blog about it!  I was relieved to see that as I write this, 83% of respondents agreed with the correct answer.  That would be a resounding "No" for my mentally challenged readers.  But amazingly enough, 17% of respondents think that you should have to go through security screening when entereing a shopping mall!

Here's the poll at the time I wrote this:

"Should there be mandatory security checks for everyone entering shopping malls?"
Yes         17%      25,332 votes
No          83%     122,535 votes
Total:   100%    147,867 votes

I can only hope that I don't know any of these nearly 25 thousand people.  If you fear for your safety so desparately that you think we need security screening at shopping malls, just start building that air tight bunker in your basement now.  Either that or you all need to move to your own highly secured private island.  Because I'm not about to live in your police state!
February 15, 2005 @ 12:51 pm | Category:
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