The Entity I: The Traveler

The Entity I: The Traveler

See the tunnel, stay outside
Glowing light rays bend at sides
Don't go near it, it burns your eyes
I didn't listen, got sucked inside

Total darkness, can't see light
Can't go for it, I am blind
Down the tunnel, into darkness
Another planet? Another way?
Got four choices, as I fly

I can feel it, as it draws near
Can't turn at it, I'm forced away
I got no choices, not today
Stay on the straight path, can't turn away
Got no reason, got no way
I've lost my feeling, my shape and form

I'm just a mind now, in open air
You can't see me, I'm not there
It doesn't matter, near or far
You have to listen, as I open your mind
I have power, without a form
'cause I am just an entity
A trick, a mental core

January 28, 2005 @ 12:50 pm | Category:
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