When I was younger (so much younger than today…) I used write a lot of poetry/lyrics.  I started when I was in high school when, like many teenagers I dreamed of rock stardom.  So much for that theory!  Anyhow, I had a study-hall every day that I usually spent writing.  After high school I continued, but over time I wrote less and less.  To the point of basically quiting.  Once in awhile I would, and still do write, but nothing regularly like I used too.

Over the past couple of months I've been contemplating whether I should create a new blog "Writing" topic and begin to put all of my writing online.  Being largely from my young wayward days, big chunks of it contain all the basics of a misspent youth: sex, drugs, rock & roll, depression, suicide, love, hope, despair, etc.  Some of it is directly about my life at a given time, but some of it isn't.  It may be written as a first person account, but it's not about me.  Actually a lot of it is written in third person!  In some, but not all of it there's very personal pain and emotion.  But for most of it, a couple of decades have past and the subjects they address, it really has no relationship to my life now.  Do I want to expose all of this to public scrutiny?  Is there any reason I shouldn't?  After all, I've always pretty much been of the "if you don't like it, don't read it" mind set.  I still haven't made a final decision on this, but right now I'm leaning towards doing it.  I just thought I'd think it out loud for a bit.

Alright, the new "Writing" topic has been created.  Content should begin soon.
January 10, 2005 @ 12:45 pm | Category:
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