PolarBlog V1.2 Roadmap

PolarBlog V1.2 will contain the following new features:
  • Ping-O-Matic! Support
  • Improved Entry Index/Archive List
  • Preview Popup
  • Double Entry Prevention
The Ping-O-Matic support has been integrated and is currently running successfully on this site.  If you are interested in the technical details, please see the Implementing Pingers entry.

The Entry Index looked nice when I originally implemented it.  At this point I think it just looks shitty and inefficient.  Sure they match the entry style, but they just waste a lot of space and have too much fluff.  Thus this will be changing to a more basic listing of entries separated into months, still in reverse chronological order.

One of the features from PWL that I had no use for was the entry preview display.  My answer to this was the display/no display option.  That fulfilled my preview needs while also adding the ability to save partial entries that could be finished later without being displayed in the meantime.  Some of you disagree and seem to miss the preview option.  Because of the way saving and displaying of entries works in PolarBlog, the best way for me to add an entry preview option is with a popup preview window.  This will have configuration options so you can set the size roughly the same as the main entry panel display area.  This is necessary because when using the left navigation option, the display area in significantly smaller.

There have been reports of duplicates when creating new entries.  The only way I know this could happen is if you use your browser's back button after creating a new entry.  Currently when you create a new entry if you use your browser's back button to backup and edit the entry, when you resubmit it, a duplicate entry is created.  This is because PolarBlog doesn't know that you've used the back button to (effectively) edit a (now) existing entry.  Thus it see this as a new entry and treats it as such.  But it really isn't, it's an edit of an existing entry.

I will be looking into adding a token value to the submission form.  This value will also be stored in your login session until the entry is created.  At that time it will be removed from the session so subsequent submission will not be excepted.  In the meantime (and always actually), once you create an entry you should only use the "Edit Entry" link to edit your entries.

Looking towards the future, here's some other features that are on the "desirable" list that may see the light of day in PolarBlog at some point:
  • I18N (Internationalization) - This will be the major focus of V1.3
  • Trackback Support
  • Pingback Support
  • Entry Posting via email
If you have other features you would like to see added, please forward them to me for consideration.

I've updated the entry index to display entries by month and year in reverse chronological order.  You can see it in action on my entry index.  The devfault value for the DEFAULT_ARCHIVE_CNT configuration directive has been changed from 20 to 100 to better support the new index page.
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