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I've added a new Stock Quotes section to the site that is powered by a modified version of PHP-Quote.  This PHP class had the basic guts in it to retrieve quotes from Yahoo! Finance, but had some funtionality and display issues with it from my perspective.  These issues were resolved by writing a new get_single_table() function to replace the print_single_table() function.  This new function returns the HTML code instead of printing it and also is XHTML compliant.  I also expanded the table to include the date as well as the time.  Additional, I created CSS classes in my site CSS instead of using the Insert_Style_Sheet() function in this class.  Again, I don't like direct printing from functions and it really wouldn't work within my site's framework.  Seems to work for me and hope it does for you also!
February 19, 2004 @ 12:49 pm | Category:
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