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Okay, here's my new blog section topic and how it came about.  Some weeks ago my coworkers were rambling on about the song "Hair Of The Dog".  I interjected not only the song name because they didn't know it, but also that it's the title track from the Nazareth album circa 1975.  I happen to have a collection of several hundred vinyl records which I rarely use.  Some of my favorite ones I've transferred to CD for convenience, but they're just sitting around begging for attention.  Hair Of The Dog happens to be one of them.  I said I'd bring it in.

So I did bring it in and it sat propped up on top of my reference book on my desk for a few weeks.  I had an idea that I'd build a frame or a shelf and I could then display it and other records like art work!  After having the disk fall on me numerous times a day a realized I needed to get this thing off my workspace.  Obviously I not going to be building anything to display this thing anytime soon.  It's either take it home and forget it or brilliant…pushpins!  Using three of these, two on bottom and one on top I arranged this triangle of pins so I could slide the record cover between them thus holding it on the wall.  The gallery is born!  And here's the first one:

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