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All data for 2001 has been entered into the database. Other than picking a specific date on the search page, there currently is no way to access this data as a whole. Something that will be dealt with in the forthcoming CycleLog rewrite. Now that I have the blog, I have abandoned the "About…" page in favor of making entries here. All previous entries are now here.  

August 17, 2002 8:26AM

All backlogged 2002 indoor data entered! Now back to 2001… :(

July 17, 2002 8:00PM

Reworked ride summary function for the home page to display indoor, outdoor and total data in separate rows.

July 14, 2002 3:46PM

Consolidated Latest Ride and Search Ride data display into a single function to ease code maintenance moving forward. Reworked the display handling of heart and weather data to better cope with rides that don’t have those data points.

July 13, 2002 10:34PM

Added YTD, MTD, WTD summary page as default home page. Moved last ride data to "Latest Ride" menu selection.

July 12, 2002 9:27PM

Finally added a basic search function: By date and optionally a specific bike.

June 16, 2002 10:26AM

Fixed the weather auto-retriever as changed the page format.

May 15, 2002 6:33AM

This cycling log allows me to track and manipulate my personal cycling statistics. This is a work in progress and currently is fairly limited in its capabilities. I have data going back to 1995 that needs to be entered, so it will probably be quite sometime before the statistical data is truly accurate. Once I get all of the current 2002 data entered I will go back and enter each of the previous years until I am caught up.

If for some strange reason this project might be of interest to you, click the "Contact" link below and drop me a line.

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