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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Stick of Pain

So today at work somebody mentioned flogging people who write bad code, which incidentally I'm all for.  Anyhow, there was a mention of using "The Stick of Pain" on them and the subsequent link to The day I killed the entire party before the first combat encounter.  I found this laugh out loud funny and so should you.  If not, "Shut up Lamont!"
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ice Fishing 2007

So I trekked off to Michigan last Friday to go sit on a frozen lake and freeze my ass off.  Which is probably the best assessment of my trip being we all got shutout again this year.  I've got some pictures, but not as many as last year.  Less putzing around with the camera this time as it was cold, windy and somewhat snowy.  In any case I'll post them when I get a chance.
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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dannielynn is my baby!

Yep, it's true.  Anna Nicole's baby was fathered by me.  I'd first like to apologize to my wife and family for this embarrassing event.  But I'd also like to thank you for sticking by me in these difficult days…what's that?  You're leaving?  What do you mean I'm leaving?  But honey…

Hey what the heck, I figured I got nothing to lose by throwing my hat in to this great lottery sweepstakes!
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Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen

Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen
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Long Trail Unfiltered IPA

Long Trail Unfiltered IPA
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

jpcache Single Page Flush Mod

A long time ago I sent a version of this single page flush modification to Jean-Pierre Deckers the author of jpcache.  He replied that he would incorporate this change in a future version.  Unfortunately this project has not been updated in a very long time.  Thus I've opted to release this modification directly.  At the time I sent this to JP, he had a concern regarding the flush value being fixed for all installations.  That issue has been corrected in this modification.  So what does it do?

If you use jpcache, you likely know one of the downsides is when you update a page, your changes won't be seen until the cache expires.  That might be alright in some cases, but what if you want it flushed immediately or worse, what if it's a non-expiring page?  Enter the single page flush.  The single page flush option allows you to pass a GET parameter (?flush=1 by default) to a cached page which then forces it to be flushed from the cache immediately and allows a modified page to be quickly and easily updated.

If this sounds useful to you, you can download jpcache V2.1pl here.  This is a drop in place replacement for jpcache V2.  The setup and operation is exactly the same with the exception of $JPCACHE_FLUSH_KEY being added to the jpcache-config.php file.  You simply need to setup this file the same as you have it for V2, add a unique value for $JPCACHE_FLUSH_KEY and then use ?flush=$JPCACHE_FLUSH_KEY value to flush a specific page.  Enjoy!
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

PolarBlog V1.10.0 (Wolverine)

PolarBlog V1.10.0 has been released.  This release provides additional comment and trackback spam protection and miscellaneous bug fixes.

  • Added support for Akismet via PHP5Akismet.  This requires a API key and will only work if you are running PHP5.  More information regarding this feature can be found in the Akismet for PolarBlog entry.
  • Added support for autolinking to topics in entries via "[T:tid:optional link text]" format similar to which currently exists for entries or comments.
  • Add RBL Admin table entry counts.
  • Added session for all visits and IP logging within session.
Bug Fixes
  • Validation fails on some foreign characters in title, post_by and name.
  • Stray "]" left after auto linking text on every 4th autolink in an entry.
  • When using only images for prev/next, they are locked to 16x16.
  • Change RBL IP lookup to because disappeared!
  • Sometimes the session cookie appears to not set and actions after login fail.
  • Throwing undefined topics warning when DB connection fails.
Configuration Changes New Language Tags
  • None
See the PolarBlog Changes file for more information.  Please see the PolarBlog Upgrading documentation for information on upgrading your installation.

Notice: As mentioned in the V1.9.0 release posting, this project will going on a somewhat lengthy hiatus while I work on other projects, interests and research for further PolarBlog development.  The ongoing spam issue is the main reason I felt I needed to put out another release.  For the record, between the RBL and Akismet, I am now blocking virtually all spam.  If you continue to have spam problems after installing this release, please let me know.

More information about the future of this project will be posted on this blog.  And no I don't intend to abandon PolarBlog. :)  I have an number of things I want to work on, but at this time I need to spend some time on the Yapter templating engine.  This is pivotal to the future of PolarBlog as converting to a templating system for page layout will be the main focus of V2.0.
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The Office Gecko

The Office Gecko
February 10, 2007 @ 07:53 am | Category:
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