Adventures in AJAX 101

Being my weekend consisted of a couple of inches of rain from Ernesto making 2/3rd's of it a wash out, I made the best of it…

I've not done any AJAX coding until this weekend when I realized I needed to do so in order to make my Weather page work as I desired.  With the new station selection logic I added to my new weather class, it was the best way to handle it.  Thus began a forray into installing PEAR on my shared hosting and then looking into how to do what I wanted to do.

Actually I knew what I wanted to do, that being use HTML_AJAX which was the quickest easiest way to accomplish the task at hand.  And at this point is seems to be working well.  I can definately see adding some other AJAX functionality to other areas of my site and my projects.  To do that though I will need to start looking at some of the other AJAX solutions I have found.    This way I can use them without depending upon PEAR being available.  And shockingly, I might even have time to do this now that I finally got PolarBlog V1.8.0 (Swainson's Hawk) Released!
September 5, 2006 @ 12:55 pm | Category:
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