The Entity IV: In The Black

The Entity IV: In The Black

I'm looking down on a little boy
Don't get too close now, you'll fall inside
Go away now, don't play around
You didn't listen, got drawn inside
Now I hear you, you're just a mind
Like a story, you've heard before
Didn't want to believe it, it's so absurd

You didn't want to listen
You wouldn't take my words
You didn't see me, so you…
Took the chance

Now you're nothing, just a mind
Gave you warning, a second chance
It'a simple story, you can't go back
Ain't nobody, nor a second chance
Isn't anything that can take you back

Just a thought now, in the air
Learn your way now, it's simple fact
Just a mind boy, an entity
Free to go now, just enact your plan
Truly fact now, you're in the black

October 19, 2005 @ 12:53 pm | Category:
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