Marco Pantani :: January 13, 1970 - February 14, 2004

I was absolutely shocked to hear the news reports [1][2]that "Il Pirata", The Pirate died this past weekend at only 34 years of age.  Marco had been dealing with a lot personal issues in the past couple of years and unfortunately, never got a chance for true redemption in the professional cycling world.  A lot of charges had been leveled against him, many which he was cleared of after a long battle.  Was he completely innocent?  We may never know, although my personal believe was that unfortunately he likely was not.  But prior to his troubles, Marco was clearly the most amazing climber I had ever seen.  At his peak, this man could go up mountains fasters than anyone in the sport.  His life and career were far too short.  Rest in peace Il Pirata.

[Updated: 07:41am EST, 22 Mar 2004]
And the sad news continues as it has now been confirmed by the inquest that Marco's death was caused by an "acute cocaine intoxication".
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