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I’ve spent some time adding an optional calendar function to Personal Weblog, the software that drives this blog. Although I didn’t originally write it I have made small contributions in the past to this project and I guess I can now say I’ve made a reasonably significant contribution. These code changes have been submitted to the developer for inclusion in a future release, but I’ve gotten no response thus far. It appears from his site that he has not been actively developing on PWL for quite some time. I’ve also been contemplating taking on adding a comment system, but that will have to wait a bit. The next thing on the agenda is completing the update of my Cycling section with the site’s new look.

UPDATE: 11/10/03 Okay, so I guess my efforts were not completely in vain or at the very least not completely self-centered. A couple of others who use PWL have written to thank me for this addition and have indicated they will be using it on their sites. Jorge Paulo sent along a nice thank you, but currently is not using it and Dave Holland who implemented it on his site almost immediately after I posted my changes to the PWL mailing list!
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